MIXING yoga with alpacas might seem like an unusual combination, but this yoga instructor is passionate about sharing the twice weekly experience and its benefits with others.

And it is much more than ‘just a fad’.

Rebecca Thomson, who has come back to her roots living in the Northwich area, has been teaching yoga for the past seven-and-a-half years.

She puts her heart and soul into sharing the physical, mental and emotional benefits with anyone who is open enough to discover the ability of self healing.

She offers yoga classes at the Riverside Organic Farm, located at Shipbrook Hill Farm, Davenham, and Akesmere Farm in Little Budworth, alongside working with adults of all ages with past trauma, addictions, anxiety, physical tightness and strengthening work, both within the corporate sector and on a one-to-one basis.

This new twice weekly yoga experience at Akesmere Farm has a team of fluffy four-legged residents on-site waiting for company.

Knutsford Guardian:

Classes take place on the farm whatever the weather – either outside in the heart of the beautiful Cheshire countryside or undercover inside one of the rustic barns – where these charismatic members of the Penwerris alpaca herd embrace the sessions with their inquisitive nature.

When Rebecca was first approached by Akesmere Farm with the idea of ‘alpaca yoga’, she realised just how well-suited the two were.

“I’d done some research and found that alpacas are just really spiritually animals, they possesses such a fun, yet calming and soothing nature,” she said. 

“Their nature is so different – you have to let them come to you, they are very perceptive to that energy which invites a very healing experience

“When you’re doing yoga around the alpacas, they respond to those movements, and they are a lovely animal to share with people.

“Yoga is an energy and when you’re doing yoga in nature there is something even deeper there – you’re connecting with the stillness around you.

“When you add an animal to that connection, it just adds another element.”

“To me, that’s so beautiful, and I just want to help people and share it with them.

Rebecca says yoga ‘found her’ when she was struggling with an eating disorder around 10 years ago.

She explained:  “I am immensely grateful for my supportive family and friends who helped me with my road to recovery.

Knutsford Guardian:

“In late 2013 I began a journey of self discovery which started in Melbourne, Australia where I stayed with my ‘fairy godmother’.

“From Melbourne I was extremely lucky having a month in Hong Kong staying with my brother and sister-in-law who are both inspiring teachers.

“I then took a leap of faith and travelled to Bali where I studied and qualified for my yoga teacher training with ‘Santosha Yoga’ in June 2014.

“Since then I am now a proud wife and mummy of my little daughter and have taken the step to dedicate my time to sharing and teaching my passion for yoga.

“I have always been an active person and since my illness exercise has had a positive effect, not just physically but mentally too.

“Yoga has increased my self confidence and taught me about the connection with my mind and body, helping me feel more balanced and aware of myself and others.”

Classes are run at Riverside Organic on Mondays and Fridays.

Knutsford Guardian:

Alpaca Yoga Flow at Akesmere Farm, Little Budworth, takes place on Tuesdays and Saturdays at 10.30am with a Children’s Animal Mindfulness Workshop also on Tuesdays.

This is perfect for other adults who want to experience the yoga for themselves, but also for kids to experience activities and chance to meet different animals up close each week. 

This is followed by a group meet with the alpacas.

Classes are open to people of all abilities.

Visit realignedyoga.co.uk and facebook.com/alpaca.farm.penwerris.

Or search on Instagram for realignedyoga and penwerris _alpacas _cheshire.