FEELING a bit down, here are 10 simple things scientists say will make you happy.

Researchers have spent decades trying to find out what makes us smile.

New findings by psychologists reveal that you don't have to have lots of money, a big house or fast car to lift your spirits.

Simple actions we can do every day have improved many people's health and wellbeing.

Here are 10 tips to make you feel happy.

1. Appreciate little moments

Take time to sit back and appreciate little things you see every day. It may be a beautiful flower, a child playing or a baby smiling.

2. Take some exercise

Pop out for a walk. Exercise has proven to be an effective way to take worries away, help you to relax and feel better.

3. Have more sleep

Instead of staying up late to watch TV or check on messages, switch off and have an early night. Sleep not only helps us recharge our batteries, it can also make you feel more positive.

4. Treasure family and friends

Studies show that happier people tend to have supportive families and plenty of friends to talk to and confide in.

5. Go out

Being outside makes a big difference to how we feel. Researchers discovered that spending 20 minutes soaking up the sunshine not only makes people feel better, it also improves performance at work.

6. Think of others

Volunteers who help community groups or charities tend to have a positive outlook on life and feel happier. Giving something back makes us feel good about ourselves.

7. Share a smile

Scientists say smiling makes us feel good and lifts our mood. A positive outlook reduces fear and worries and helps us see more clearly.

8. Show your gratitude

Say thank you to friends, relatives and work colleagues for things you often take for granted. Personal little messages mean a lot and will lift your spirits.

9. Use your initiative

Make the first move at work if you come up with a good idea. People who make a difference to their lives and those around them score higher on happiness than on depression.

10. Plan a treat

Choose somewhere you'd love to visit or something you've always wanted to do. Having something to look forward to will lift your spirits.