EACH week Vic Barlow writes a column in the Guardian on all manner of topics.

Here Vic shares his thoughts on the barriers erected in Knutsford town centre...

Do you ever see something on TV or come across some stupid situation in your town you thought had been rectified months ago? 

I nipped out first thing Thursday morning to buy my Guardian. I only got as far as page four before I was agog. 

Not agog as when you hear Paul McCartney is playing in your pub but seriously agog like when you find 20 miles of barriers on the M6 and not a single workman in site.

I’ve never been so flabbergasted to find that those god-awful street barriers that scream ‘Road under repair’ are still lining Knutsford town centre.

Can you believe that Cheshire East Council believed the best way to maintain social distancing was to make King Street look like it was closed.

MP Esther McVey, who has been trying to get things rectified since last August, must be ripping her bollards out.

Knutsford Town Council did at least have the wherewithal to ask CEC to replace the ugly red barriers with planters. A pretty good idea any sane person would think.

To add insult to stupidity Cheshire East... wait for it... blocked off parking spaces to ensure social distancing which is akin to lobbing a toddler off the roof to prevent it hurting itself going down the steps.

Is there anyone at all in Sandbach that has any idea how to run a retail business or are they all so used to cash just pouring in from taxpayers that there is no need for commercial thought?

These businesses are all struggling to recover from the worst pandemic in our lifetime. Where are the taxes going to come from when half the shops in King Street are empty?

Get some planters, make a colourful cordon but for god’s sake show some nous.

Don’t listen to me, take a walk down King Street and talk to retailers and their customers (if you can find any) but do it now while there are still some shops left trading.

If the best you can do is lump together big ugly barriers do the honourable thing and step aside while someone who knows what he/she is doing takes over.