A STALWART of Goostrey Rose Day received birthday cards from not one, but two queens on her 100th birthday.

Margaret Barber, who now lives at Mount Pleasant Nursing Home in Allostock, received the customary greeting from her Majesty the Queen, and also a specially designed card from the Goostrey Rose Queen elect Cate Clayton.

Margaret, who was 100 on Saturday, has been a patron of Goostrey Rose Day for many years.

Before that she was a great supporter of the event – which takes place every year on the last Saturday in June – and she was Rose Day President in 1961.

Margaret was brought up on a family farm at Rostherne and only arrived at Dromedary Lodge Farm in Goostrey when she married John Simpson in the mid-1940s.

After John’s death, she married John Barber.

In the past, the farm was used to host the Rose Queen crowning ceremony, and for many years the floats used in the procession through the village were decorated in the barns.

Christina Burgess, chair of Goostrey Rose Day, said: "Margaret has been a loyal supporter of Rose Day for decades, so we couldn’t let her 100th birthday pass without sending her our best wishes on reaching such a marvellous milestone.

"Cate, the Rose Queen elect, who will be crowned on Saturday, June 26, designed and produced the beautiful card which was sent from the Rose Day committee."