THERE are two candidates nominated for election as councillor for Handforth Parish Council on May 6. 

An ‘overwhelming passion’ for her community and for the residents of Handforth Dean is what is making Julie Smith, Independent, stand for parish council.

Residents may know Julie, who has lived in the village with her husband John since 2002, from the Well Community Pharmacy at the local health centre where she’s worked as a dispenser for eight years.

She’s also been a Cheshire East councillor since 2019 and has worked with groups such as Friends of Stanley Hall Park, Time Out, and Friends of Handforth Station.

“We have a wonderful community in Handforth as the past year has proved when I asked for volunteers to join my ‘neighbours helping neighbours’ scheme,” said Julie.

“We have a number of wonderful groups in the village, Time Out group, Always Active, Hope Central and MAG to name but a few. These groups offer unrivalled support to residents with varying needs and challenges and are an asset to our community.

“If elected I would hope that HPC will be able to work with all groups in order that we become an even more integrated community than we already are.

“I have an overwhelming passion for our community and for the residents of Handforth.

“I am determined to build on the success of the past two years and will continue to fight for Handforth to make our village a wonderful place to live for everyone in our community.”