THERE are two candidates nominated for election as councillor for Handforth Parish Council on May 6. 

Having lived in Handforth for almost four decades, Independent Hil Peel has championed the area for years – especially when it comes to protecting green spaces and woodland.

The retired teacher and college manager, who has lived in the area with her husband Mick for 38 years, is a passionate advocate for the local environment.

She’s a volunteer walk leader for several charities, supports the local community library and is secretary of their Friends Group, and has stewarded at many Manchester-based sports events.

Hil, who has two sons who live in Handforth West, says she loves the area which has managed to keep a village feel a thriving shopping centre and high street, with a range of shops and restaurants.

For Hil, the important issues are about maintaining as much green space as possible and supporting proposals which improve and maintain the current green spaces, particularly The Friends of Meriton Park Master Plan.

“We need to ensure our infrastructure – in terms of schools, doctors etc –  is developed in line with the proposed increase in housing.

"Roads and pavements should be repaired in a timely manner especially those damaged as a result of housing developments.

"Domestic car usage will rise as the village is poorly served by public transport.

"I will work to retain and extend the current bus service.”