FOR long-time Knutsford resident from Scott Lowe, these elections are about giving something back to the community as an independent business person.

The local dad, who is a candidate for the Nether Ward, is especially keen to push for more walking and cycling friendly routes in and around the town and is concerned about the housing development.

“I think that given the developments in Knutsford we have a once in a lifetime opportunity to build cycle paths around the town to stop all these extra cars and pollution," the Independant candidate explained.

“And more importantly, we need to make it safe for our children to be able to cycle to school.

“I also heard a great idea from a resident about banning cars from King and Princess Street for long weekends to see how it affects trade.”

Family-man Scott is also an advocate for the ‘20 is plenty’ scheme for residential areas.

A supporter of the town’s many volunteering organisations, he adds: “I’ve been surprised but heartened to hear about all the volunteer groups that help Knutsford run – from the Welcome Centre, Friends for the Heath, We Are Knutsford, Friends of the Moor, to Knutsford Heritage Centre, The Lions and many others. 

“So many people volunteer time and effort to make our town better for all of us.  It’s massively inspiring.”