STANDING for election in the Bexton Ward is a key way to be an active part in the community and repay the town for the quality of life it gives to senior lawyer Millie Morris and her family.

From serving with the Crown Prosecution Service, to taking up the role as parish secretary at her local church, supporting local Brownies in Knutsford, community is essential for Conservative Millie.

Born and raised in Cheshire, Millie grew up appreciating its blend of open landscapes and woodlands.

“I know how fortunate we are to live in one of the best places in the north of England, rich in heritage and history,” she said.

“I want to help protect and maintain Knutsford as a small historic town. It is vital to prevent developments that would risk devaluing it, which means preserving the greenbelt by building on brownfield land.”

Millie is keen to see wide application of Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) and listing, and believes that as the town emerges out of lockdown it needs to ‘revive and revitalise’.

“We need to encourage residents and businesses to come together and entice new tenants to occupy empty premises and add to Knutsford’s attractions as a tourism destination,” she said. 

Millie wants to make it a priority to put the dementia the care unit at Bexton Court back in use.  

“The disused and empty property has become a site for antisocial behaviour,” she said.

“I cannot see this problem being resolved, unless the building is put back into use. Whether that be a community support facility or another dementia care unit, I think anything is better than its current vacant and boarded up condition.”