CHESHIRE East residents go to the polls on May 6.

Jack Illingworth is one of two people nominated for election as councillor for the Wilmslow Town Council - Lacey Green Ward.

Giving back and helping Wilmslow town centre to recover are some of the main reasons why Styal’s Jack Illingworth is standing for Wilmslow Town Council.

A recruitment worker by day, specialising in information technology, Conservative Jack says Wilmslow is one of the best places to live in the north of England and wants to ensure it not only stays that way, but it gets better.

“As we emerge from lockdown, there has to be a sharp focus on helping the recovery of Wilmslow’s town centre, he said.

“We need to continue the concerted efforts to encourage exciting independent businesses into the area and, vitally, create employment opportunities for local residents.

The conditions of roads are also of concern for Jack, especially potholes and cracking surfaces and he is keen to work around road safety issues, especially related to gritting and flooding.

“Our roads are a mess, with deep potholes and cracking surfaces. No gritting and the new policy of short-term surface patching when craters develop, will only serve to further endanger road users, exacerbate problems, and increase costs. 

“I want to do my part in not only making sure Wilmslow stays a great place to live but where I can, make it even better."