AHEAD of two by-elections in Knutsford wards on May 6, The Guardian will be profiling all candidates seeking election.

In this piece, we focus on Liberal Democrat candidate Rosalind Hobson, who is vying for election in the Bexton ward.

After growing up in Cheshire, Rosalind spent several years living and working in Switzerland, where she became interested in politics and how the quality of life can be improved by community engagement.

She returned to the area to live with her husband and two children, eventually settling in Ashworth Park in 2009.

“I currently work as a consultant in clinical research, and when not working from home, I enjoy cycle commuting to Alderley Park,” she said.

“I enjoy recreational cycling but am also an advocate of using the bike as a means of transport and so I know the challenges faced by cyclists within and around Knutsford.

“I’m also keenly aware of all the potholes.

“I'd like to see a reduction in local car use within Knutsford through making cycling and walking safer and more convenient.”

She also wants to see improved rail services, making trains more reliable, more frequent, with fares at a sensible and affordable level.

Rosalind, a volunteer at 5th Knutsford Scouts since 2013, is a keen advocate for not simply expecting things to happen but making them so.

She said: “Like many in Knutsford, I've benefitted from classes at Sir John Deane's college. The pandemic has dealt this a huge blow and I would support initiatives to revive adult education in Knutsford.

“I learnt in Switzerland how valuable regular civic events are to encourage community engagement and support our mental health.

“I believe this is something that Knutsford Town Council do well, and I would support and seek to increase initiatives in this area.”