A KNUTSFORD schoolboy is thought to be one of the most successful Youtube millionaires and one of the most watched 'stars' on the video sharing platform, according to a study.

Research carried out by Buddle Nurseries, analysed ten of the UK's most popular Youtuber influencers who are aged 17 or under, with 14-year-old Ethan coming in at number four.

The study, using industry data to calculate the amount of money being made from videos, found that the EthanGamer channel has 2.8 million subscribers and generates a monthly income of £114,000, or £1.37 million per year, putting him the top 0.1 per cent of earners in the UK.

Ethan posted his first video on YouTube in September 2013, and by July 2016 it had attracted one million subscribers, before reaching two million in March 2018.

The list is topped by 16-year-old Thomas Simons, who has 7.84 million subscribers to his “TommyInnit” channel, which features his gaming exploits and is estimated to earn £313,000 each month, which works out as £3.76 million a year – similar to what an established Premier League football star could expect to be paid.

The UK’s second highest earning kids’ YouTube channel features sisters Ruby and Bonnie.

Ruby, who is 15, and her six year old sister are estimated to earn £204,000 every month, adding up to £2.45 million over a year, the equivalent of what a partner at a top London hedge fund might earn.

The top three is completed by Gaby (6) and Alex (7), the siblings whose channel has the most subscribers, 17 million.

The analysis predicts they make around £161,000 each month through YouTube, which comes to £1.93 million annually – more than Gary Lineker’s £1.75 million pay packet from the BBC.

Emily Cozmiuc is fifth on Buddle Nurseries’ list of the UK’s top kidfluencers. Aged just seven, her channel “MoreEmilyTube” has 5.18 million subscribers, and is estimated to make her £100,000 each month.

She is the final person on the list to make a seven-figure income from YouTube.

The average monthly income across the top ten is £99,126, which equates to annual earnings of more than £1.18 million. The ten are expected to earn a combined £11.8 million over a year in total.

Between them, the UK’s top ten 'kidfluencers' have a combined 57,824,000 YouTube subscribers, more than the entire population of England. In addition they have racked up a mind-boggling 19.18 billion video views.

A spokesperson for Buddle Nurseries said: "It’s fascinating to see how lucrative a YouTube channel can be, when it’s seemingly so easy and simple to set up.

"But with more children than ever dreaming of becoming an influencer, it’s important to remember that very few can actually make a living out of it - and even fewer will become rich."

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