CHILDREN at a school in Mobberley have been celebrating the end of an educational topic by dressing up and chatting to Second World War evacuee.

The Year 6 pupils at Mobberley Primary School had a 'WW2 Day' last week after learning about the war during recent lessons.

As part of the day, the children were asked to come to school dressed in outfits that would have been worn during the time.

Kirsten Rainbow who is the Year 6 teacher said that they had been learning about World War 2 as their History topic and wanted to celebrate all that they had learnt with a special day.

She said: "The day gave the children first hand experience and helped them to see the events of the war as real life and not just a story.

"They were able to learn in a practical and engaging way.

"A number of events were organised throughout the day, including making propaganda posters and writing WW2 poems.

"They also experienced food rationing and were tasked with baking cookies from ingredients available at the time.

"They had a WW2 singalong and learnt songs from the war such as 'It's a long way to Tipperary'."

Knutsford Guardian: The Year 6 children from Mobberley Primary School taking part in a Zoom call with evacuee Valerie Ingram.

The children spoke to part to evacuee Valerie Ingram via a Zoom call.

One of the highlights of the day was speaking to an evacuee about her experiences of the war.

Having to adapt their day due to Covid restrictions, the children were able to speak to Valerie Ingram over Zoom.

Born in Hammersmith, London on April 23 1939, Valerie and her family went by train to Bovey Tracey in Devon the day before war was declared on September 1 1939, but they returned to London a short time later.

However, along with her mother, Valerie was evacuated between 1940 and 1944, moving between London and Aylesbury, depending on the level of the bombing taking place.

Emma Millington, History subject lead at the school said: "Her father was injured, although not seriously, in August 1944 and was later discharged at the age of 38/39.

"Valerie returned to London when the V1 bombs reached Aylesbury and was six years old when the war finally ended in 1945.

"The children loved being able to hear her stories and ask her questions."

Knutsford Guardian: The Year 6 children from Mobberley Primarary baking ration cookies.

The children baking ration cookies.

One of the children in the class, Cormac, said: "It was a unique experience that most people don't get chance to have.

"I felt lucky to speak to her."

Another boy, Rufus, said: "The best bit of the day was seeing everyone in their costumes and hearing the music."

Emma went on to add: "It looked like such a wonderful way to celebrate all their learning so far and to speak to a real evacuee must have been a fantastic experience.

"It really helps to bring everything to life and learn for themselves, rather than just through reading the pages of a book."