CAMPAIGNERS are working to get a lasting memorial built in honour of Cheshire's own Everest explorer.

In 1924 George Mallory, of Mobberley, set out on a perilous journey to become the first to reach the summit of the world's highest mountain.

Sadly Mallory and his climbing partner Andrew Irvine died on the mountain before reaching the the 8,849m peak.

But, ahead of the centenary of their ambitious attempt, a charity has been set up with the aim of creating a memorial in Mobberley.

Captain Anthony Harrison, a Royal Artillery reservist serving in the same regiment Mallory once served in, is leading the campaign.

Captain Anthony Harrison, chairman of The George Mallory Foundation

Captain Anthony Harrison, chairman of The George Mallory Foundation

He said: "Before all this, I didn't know a lot about Mallory, so I was a little bit shocked that I grew up so local to such a fantastic British hero.

"Mallory has inspired so many global leaders over the decades, from King George VI to US president John F Kennedy, who directly quoted him in his 1952 space race speech, insisting we are going into space 'because it is there'.

"His quotes and his aspiration to achieve something have stood the test of time and there needs to be more to commemorate him.

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"History needs to be honoured and remembered as a lot of the lessons we have to learn for the future have already been answered in the past."

As part of his campaign, Capt. Harrison, who grew up in Wilmslow, hopes to build a life-sized bronze statue of Mallory and Irvine, in the former's home village.

To that end, the 35-year-old is trying to raise more than £65,000 to create the statue.

A replica of the statue of Mallory and Irvine the charity hopes to build

A replica of the statue of Mallory and Irvine the charity hopes to build

He added: "I'm hoping it will bring residents together and show them how many people Mallory inspired.

"Hopefully it will also inspire more young people to go out and pursue adventure like he did or to get involved in local community projects like this and take an interest in history."

Capt. Harrison set up the The George Mallory Foundation and has three trustees on board - Mobberley Cllr Charlotte Leach, John Unterhalter and Rosemarie Colton.

Along with creating a national memorial, the charity intends to mark key sites in Mallory’s journey with Blue Plaques, place lecterns around Mobberley telling his story and work with local schools to deliver an education program about him.

The charity is hoping to have the memorial done by the spring 2024, before unveiling it on June 8 - 100 years to the day since Mallory and Irvine were lost on Everest.

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