KNUTSFORD Tennis Club are preparing to reopen their doors from March 29 and excitement is building for what is in store.

Teams have been entered into leagues, in-house events are being planned and 'open days' scheduled.

"We're gearing up to what we hope is an excellent season of social and competitive tennis," said head coach Mark Airey.

KTC have put forward six adult and six junior teams into forthcoming respective leagues, and they are hoping more Knutsfordians will check out what is on offer and become involved.

"It's an exciting time. March 29th can not come soon enough," added Airey.

"Tennis – a manageable socially distant sport if there was ever one, and outdoors – is a game for all ages and abilities.

"The new Lawn Tennis Association youth scheme ensures a clear pathway for children no matter what age they join and for adults, we cater for all with coaching and social events weekly.

"We are a tennis community and the KTC members cannot wait to be able to get back to being a tennis family again.

"Tennis to many is not only their form of exercise, but it is their social bubble also. The excitement in returning is felt and heard across the whole tennis community."

Caution will be played as the facilities return to action.

"Tennis is governed by the LTA who are very clear and coherent in mapping out how tennis can re-open," said Airey.

"We have very clear stages and processes for both venues and coaches and the KTC committee, coach and members follow those guidelines thoroughly to ensure all that come to play at Knutsford feel comfortable and safe as they emerge back into tennis life."

He added: "We all hope that this is the road back to normality with no more lockdowns.

"Social distancing is something we may live with for a while or be re-introduced to in-and-out of restrictions depending on Covid rises and falls, but tennis could not be a better game to still enjoy while controlling those changes in guidelines if they arise.

"The length of a tennis court, baseline to baseline, is 78 feet and the width 27 feet. I can't envisage a safer sport that can still be enjoyed socially or competitively, no matter how the guidelines may vary.

"For the future, we hope more and more 'Knutsfordians' will come and try our wonderful sport and just see how safe and enjoyable tennis can be."