YOU may recognise your grandfather in this football team.

The emergence of this picture is generating much excitement at Knutsford Football Club.

“This is the oldest known photo we now have of the team,” said Reds chairman Jimmy Evans.

He added: “I received a call from a Ted Bowen of Telford recently asking if I had info on his grandad playing for Knutsford in the late 1890s early 1900s as he is researching his family tree and came across some medals & photos of his grandad playing for Cranford AFC, aka Knutsford.

“And he sent me this photo from the 1898-1899 season.”

Ted’s grandfather is Edward Comley Bowen, sat front left with the fair hair who at the time of this picture would have been aged 16 and lived at Heathside, Manchester Road, Knutsford.

“Does anyone know the other names on the photo or does anyone have an older photo of a football team in Knutsford from the late 1800s?” added Jimmy.

“I have researched and have a comprehensive history of the club since it was formed in 1888 (earliest known record).

“This has been taken from old Knutsford Guardians at Knutsford Library (on micro-fiche), it’s a rich history and heritage that we have over 133 years but could do with some more photos particularly any from the late 1800s if any exist.”

Jimmy has also received a second picture from Ted of the Cranford team from the early 1900s.

Cranford FC in the early 1900s

Cranford FC in the early 1900s

“It seems that these two Cranford AFC teams of 1899 and the early 1900s are the forerunners of the great Cranford team that won everything from 1911 to 1914.

“Both photos are new ones we haven’t seen or found before.”

Edward, who died aged 71 in 1953, was a ‘demon’ bowler for the old Cross Town Cricket Club and the Recreation Club according to his obituary.

The grandfather of five had become a colour sergeant in the first world war, rising to the rank of lieutenant quartermaster.

Edward Bowens football medals

Edward Bowen's football medals

His football medals included the Sale and District League 1901-02, the Caffrey Cup 1909, Northwich and District Charity Cup 1905-06.

Edward Bowens obituary report

Edward Bowen's obituary report