JACKIE Weaver says the possibility of the now infamous Handforth Parish Council being abolished has been 'on the cards for some time'.

A community governance review was already in the works for Cheshire before December's meeting which hit national infamy earlier this month after a fiery video clip surfaced on Twitter.

The near 300-page review will likely not be resolved anytime soon, but Jackie has encouraged residents to join virtual meetings like the one she was on and make their voices heard.

She added that while the viral meeting exposed some 'painful' truths about the state of affairs, it could also bring about positive changes in the upcoming elections.

She added there were councillors who had been working 'tirelessly in the background' who 'deserve to continue'.

Jackie said: "It's been on the cards for some time. The borough council is doing a review.

Jackie Weaver says the move has been on the cards for a while

Jackie Weaver says the move has been on the cards for a while

"I'm sure people of Handforth will feel strongly about that as they feel like a community and wouldn't want to be merged with a larger area like Wilmslow.

"I know the parish council has had its difficulties but hopefully they can overcome them - and they have always tried to do good by its residents.

"The famous video was painful, but it could still have a positive impact as it made clear what some of the issues were and that allows you to work on it and build."

Parish councillor Cynthia Samson, who was also on the video call on the fateful evening, says she would vote against such a proposal.

Cllr Julie Smith, Cheshire East Council member for Handforth, says she wouldn't support the proposal as she wants to continue helping the 'fabulous' Handforth community.

She said: "I wouldn't support it. We have a group of people here in Handforth who have spent the last two years trying to build up the community and I don't see it would do us any good to be integrated with Wilmslow which is far bigger.

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"It's not something I'd like to see. I stood for election for the residents and community of Handforth. We have a fabulous community here that we want to continue developing."

Under plans being considered by CEC, Wilmslow, Handforth and Chorley parishes could all merge into one.

The proposal would go to public consultation before any final decision is made.