POLICE and crime commissioner David Keane has hailed the work of a community group after providing them with vital new funds to help deter criminals.

Chapel Lane - Love The Lane is a Facebook page set up by local resident Julie Dawn Potts to help promote local businesses in the Chapel Lane area of Wilmslow, as well as bring residents together.

Since the first national lockdown in March, the group has grown as more people began working from home and others sought to alleviate social isolation.

The group recruited volunteers to help deliver food and medicine to the vulnerable and elderly.

While out in the community, they were also able to ask local people about their priorities for community safety.

As a result, the group submitted a successful bid to David’s Community Policing Fund which will now help pay for a range of measures aimed at deterring criminals and provide peace of mind in the area which has been targeted by


This includes packs for residents and shoppers which contain items such as door chains for PVC doors and LED bike lights. Education will also be provided by a team of volunteers.

David said: "As many people will know, community policing is something I’m absolutely passionate about and this project just sums it up brilliantly.

"A community group that’s doing some fantastic work locally, working in partnership with our local police teams, have come together to create a project that will have huge benefits for residents.

"I’m delighted to have been able to help fund this scheme and really commend the work of Ms Potts and her community volunteers."

In her application to the fund, Ms Potts, said: "This funding would definitely help members of this local community who have been victims of crime such as burglary and fraud."

The grant is one of 122 being handed out to each of the policing communities in Cheshire. Community police officers and PCSOs have been working with local residents to develop bids of up-to £1,000 to fund projects which address local


The money is generated from the seizure of assets of convicted criminals under the Proceeds of Crime Act and is part of David’s ongoing commitment to local communities, while also sending a message to offenders that crime does not