FIRE crews spent 50 minutes at a home in Toft to deal with smoke coming from a wood burner on Sunday morning.

Two fire engines from Knutsford and Lymm were sent out to Toft Road at 8.30am on February 14.

Crews were informed of a smell of burning near the stove at the property, and on arrival they found smoke coming from a wood burner and its surroundings.

Firefighters used cutting equipment to enter the chimney breast, which was inspected and the wood burner was removed.

After ensuring that the property was safe firefighters left the address.

The incident came one week after fire crews attended a chimney fire at a property in Highfield, Little Bollington.

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A spokesman for Lymm Fire Station wrote on Twitter: "Latest statistics show that there are approximately 7,000 chimney fires a year in England, most are preventable.

"Keep your chimney clean and regularly swept."

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