A KNUTSFORD mum is offering her umbrella as a place of sanctuary to those needing help with the mental health.

Milly Peel, whose beauty business MP Lashes, is unable to open during lockdown due to government restrictions, has been volunteering at mental health help provider, Open Door, which is based in Stockport.

The mother of two has just completed her level 3 Diploma in counselling and was inspired to help others after going through her own experience with PTSD back in 2016.

She said: "It was the hardest year of my life.

"I had two children under the age of three and I suffered the loss of a baby.

"As a result of this I got PTSD and my own mental health really suffered, but what I did work out was that I wanted to help others.

"Small acts of kindness make the world go around.

"Sometimes something as simple as having someone to talk to and really hear what you are saying can make all the difference and change someone's day for the better."

Knutsford Guardian: Milly Peel wants to help others suffering with their mental health.

Milly Peel wants to help others suffering with their mental health.

As part of her plan to improve the lives of people who might be feeling alone and struggling, Milly is using her brightly coloured rainbow umbrella as a beacon for socially distanced chats in Moor Park, every Tuesday morning.

She said: "Many new mums, people who are on furlough, single people and frontline key workers are struggling at the moment and although I'm not offering

professional support, I want to help people feel less alone and perhaps offer options for further help if they need it.

"Everyone has clouds - Covid anxiety, work stress, family stress, low motivation and money worries.

"In these times it's easy to forget how beautiful the blue sky can be.

"Sometimes a cloudy day is easy to manage, but sometimes the clouds build up and you even feel like a storm is coming and you will be stuck in this

hurricane of darkness forever.

"A safe socially distanced chat can make a big difference and I want to encourage people to get out for a walk on the Moor as well as get some much needed socially distanced company.

"My vision is to help people feel less alone.

"Giving my own views and experiences with mental health and being a positive none judgmental platform which will hopefully lead to a supportive community.

"If you feel sad or alone please come and join me for a chat, because after every storm, there is a rainbow."

If you are struggling, or just want to chat with another person, look out for Milly on the Moor on the Tuesday morning for a chat.

You can also follow Milly and her blog on her Facebook page.