CHIEF Fire Officers have sung the praises of a Mobberley nursing home following a fire last weekend.

The fire occurred just after 5.30pm last Saturday (January 30) and involved a bedroom at Sunrise of Mobberley, Barclay Park, in Hall Lane.

Two fire engines from Cheshire and one from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service were sent to the scene after an automatic fire alarm sounded, alerting them to the incident.

On arrival crews found everyone in the building was accounted for and that the automatic fire alarm system had raised the alarm and a sprinkler system had also activated and extinguished the flames.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus checked the room and damped down the affected area as a precaution. They praised the care home owners for the fitting of the sprinkler system, which did its job by extinguishing the flames at source.

Lee Shears, Head of Protection for Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, said: “This is a perfect example of how sprinklers work to not only save lives but protect property and possessions within premises like this.

“This fire was quickly extinguished by the sprinkler in the room before the arrival of our firefighters. It only affected the area at the source of fire, which is a perfect example of how these devices should work.”

Sprinklers are instant firefighters, likened to having a firefighter in every room 24/7. They are safe, cost effective and offer protection to both life and property.

Lee added: “'Staff at the premises responded quickly to the fire alarm activation and upon discovering the fire ensured the safety of all the residents. This highlights the importance of how having effective fire safety policies in place is essential and how giving staff suitable fire training ensures they know how to act quickly and calmly.

“I would always advise any business owner, especially those of care homes where often vulnerable people sleep, to fit sprinkler systems as a priority. This incident has proved how effective they are if a fire breaks out and how they work to contain and extinguish flames to stop the spread of fire.”

Lisa Burrows, General Manager at Sunrise of Mobberley said: “I’d like to add that I am very proud of how the team responded to keep our residents safe and calm, and feel very grateful to work in an organisation where we have such excellent fire safety in place across all of our communities. Our thanks to Cheshire Fire and Rescue for their excellent response and support during the incident.”