A VILLAGE Neighbourhood Watch has been given a boost after receiving a grant from Cheshire's Police and Crime Commissioner.

David Keane gave Mobberley Neighbourhood Watch the safer communities express grant from money seized under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2002.

The grant will enable the scheme to continue providing vital services to the community through the Covid pandemic and beyond.

Bob Marshall the co-ordinator for the scheme said: "This has been a difficult year for everyone and funding a scheme like this has been no exception.

"But we have managed to provide essential communications and frontline help to our neighbours and this grant will help us continue for many months to come.

"We were flattered to receive the best new scheme of the year award earlier this year and this grant has given our volunteers some extra good news."

David Keene has committed to investing money seized under POCA 2002 back into local communities under his Proceeds of Crime Community Fund, to send a clear message to criminals that crime doesn’t pay.

The Commissioner believes that by ceasing criminals' assets and reinvesting the proceeds into our communities, it can help prevent further offences and increase community safety.

David Keene PCC commented on twitter today, saying: "Pleased to be able to support you in your efforts to keep Mobberley safe.

"Keep up the great work."

The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Cheshire commented on twitter: "We’re pleased to be able to support you to help others in your community.

"It’s exactly the kind of project Cheshire PCC likes to support.

"Volunteer led, sustainable and addresses the needs of the local community."

Mobberley Neighbourhood Watch have 1000 followers in the village and are looking for more co-ordinators to join up.

They are currently running a feedback survey to ask residents help in providing the assistance they need and people are welcome to comment here: https://mobberley.org/feedback-survey