THREE families from Knutsford have started a new clothing line which aims to make you feel good on the outside while feeling great on the inside too.

The new company, Ethical Joseph, was formed by Craig Hollingworth, Frank Wadsworth and Jo Whitby, who met through their children attending Peover Superior Primary School.

The company was born during the first lockdown and has now started to grow during the second.

Founder Craig Hollingworth said: “Ethical Joseph was born to help balance out the fast-fashion industry and the number of clothes that end up in landfill and are harmful to the planet to produce.

“We set out to make changes to this, and launched a new clothing line on, creating good quality casual clothing that's better for the environment and for the people creating them and still at a reasonable price.

“The clothing collection is created from organic cotton (traditional cotton uses a terrific amount of the world's pesticides) and recycled materials such as plastic bottles and cotton waste that's often thrown away.

“One of the sweaters available contains an average of 19 recycled plastic bottles.”

Craig said launching a business was challenging anyway, but during a time when the trio didn't have access to the usual resources and couldn't meet was arduous work.

He added: “But with the help of local suppliers from Knutsford and a lot of determination we have now fully launched.

“The support for independent business during this time has been phenomenal.

“It's just the start for us, and we plan to add new lines and work with local talented people for design collaborations as we advance. We believe there's a big future for more sustainable brands.”

Ethical Joseph offers something for all the family with a range for men, women and children.

Ten per cent of profits are donated back to local organisations and charities. To celebrate the launch, Ethical Joseph is offering Knutsford Guardian readers 10 per cent off the first purchase with KG10 until December 16. Visit to redeem.