CHESHIRE East should be placed in tier 2 once lockdown is lifted, according to councillors from both sides of the political divide.

Cllr Tony Dean, Conservative, says he believes tier 2 is suitable for CEC ‘but if we have not gone down or if there has been a spike then we will be tier 3’.

Cllr Carol Bulman, Labour, agreed with Cllr Dean on this point and both were in favour of a Christmas break.

Cllr Dean, who represents Knutsford, said: “The idea of a break at Christmas — all the medical people are saying that it will create a spike, depending on how people behave — but that is acceptable because people need a break.

“I go along with that. I think it is right that we do need a break. I am looking forward to five days at Christmas with my family.

“I just hope that the regulators get on with it now and get down to making the decision to approve these vaccines and get on with injecting it - including to people like me!”

Cllr Bulman, a Middlewich representative, added: “I think I am in favour of basically allowing everything to open up again in tiers until Christmas and those that want to see people should be able to visit friends and family.

“I am a fan of the Scottish system where you can have two families together. It is more humane. We have got a vaccine near so it is worth the risk.”

Cllr Bulman, who sits on a variety of CEC committees, also called for more rapid testing kits to be rolled out, in order to help families see those in care homes.

The former teacher said: “I do think by now we should have the hourly test so people can go to care homes if they want to visit on Christmas day.

“We should be getting tests to the care homes so people can visit and see loved ones.”

Cheshire East is expected to learn which tier it will be placed in on Thursday, November 26.