A DAD was shocked to discover a driver had ploughed into his car, careered into his neighbour’s vehicle and then crashed into bushes.

Minutes earlier, Peter Deane was on the pavement in Manchester Road, Knutsford, taking his two daughters, aged seven and 12, to school.

He had just returned home when the incident happened last Tuesday morning.

“I heard an almighty bang,” said Peter. “It sounded like a wall falling down. I looked out the window and my car was no longer there. The impact of the collision had shunted it 20 yards down the road into my neighbour’s car and a fence.”

Knutsford Guardian:

Peter Dean's white car was a write-off after being shunted 20 yards down the road into a neighbour's car and then a fence

Peter immediately rushed to help the driver and called the emergency services.

“The driver said two wasps had got into his car.”

No-one was hurt but Peter’s Ford car is a write-off.

“A car can be replaced but that could have been the children,” said Peter. “A lot of elderly people and dog walkers use this road.

“Are we going to wait until someone gets killed before something is done?”

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The crash has reawakened fears of a serious accident.

Knutsford Guardian:

A black Audi ploughed into a white Ford car, shunting it into another vehicle in Manchester Road

Neighbour Ella Worthington has been lobbying councillors and campaigning for the 40mph limit to be reduced.

Ella said: “The speed which people travel along the road is astonishing and of grave concern.

“Thank goodness no one was hurt but if anyone had been walking along the footpath or in their car when this accident happened they could have been wiped out.

“To have a 40mph limit is crazy. It makes me nervous every time I take my dog out for a walk.

“Is it going to take someone to be killed before anyone is listening?”