LONG-standing flooding problems for Wilmslow residents have been solved thanked to the intervention of a Cheshire East councillor.

Blocked drains in Lindfield Estate North caused flooding for a number of days after rain.

Residents of Wilmslow independent councillor Iain Macfarlane took up the issue with Cheshire East highways after being contacted by a resident, and the drains were cleared on Friday.

Cllr Macfarlane said: “For far too long Lindfield Estate North householders have had to put up with blocked drains on their roads which have caused extensive flooding for days at a time after rain.

“The resident who contacted me said that she had to continually jump over huge puddles on her way to and from work.

“I took up the issue with Cheshire East, and am happy to report that the drains are now free of debris and the puddles have gone.

“A total of 13 drains, which is quite a substantial number, were blocked with debris and mud, and the neighbours are pleased the work has been done to clear them.

“The problem-reporting system that councillors have to use takes quite a while to get into action, but the estate now has clean gutters and no more depressing lakes of water all over the place.”

“If Wilmslow residents have any local problems they should contact their ward councillor through the Cheshire East Council website – we’re here to help you.”

Cllr Macfarlane, who represents the Wilmslow West, ward on Cheshire East Council added: “If you have an issue contact your councillor and they will fight it for you.

"If anyone has problems with the highways or potholes, get hold of your local ward councillor from the Cheshire East website – that’s what we’re there for – things do get done, it just takes time."