KEEN cyclist Andrew Malloy has expressed concern about the safety of the surface of a new roundabout at the junction of Parkgate Lane and Mobberley Road.

Cllr Malloy is a town councillor, and said although workmen had left the site and removed barriers the road surface had not been finished and there was no lining.

“The roundabout has been open for two to three weeks, but the surface is incomplete and there are ramps still in place,” he said.

“As you enter and leave the roundabout you have to go over a bit of a ramp, and there is no white lining or yellow lining.

“There are cones all the way around the roundabout and signs warning of the ramps, and as I was cycling around it the surface was so uneven.

“I was out on a bike ride on Sunday morning, and it was a shock to see it – going over the uneven bits there’s a risk of getting a puncture.

“I would say as a cyclist it’s not 100 per cent safe, and there’s also a risk of damage to vehicles. It still looks like a construction site, with cones and signs all the way around it. We need to know when it’s going to be finished and why it’s not been.”

A spokesman from Cheshire East Council said: “This work is being undertaken by a developer in line with their planning approval.

"They have employed a contractor to construct a roundabout required to access the new development. The contractor is working to resolve an issue at the site with a utility company, before they can move ahead and complete the roundabout works.

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“We inspect the site regularly to ensure the works meet our adoption standards. A visit was made on Monday, November 16.

“It is the contractor’s responsibility to keep the site safe until the utility company attends to rectify the issue. A date for the completion of the works has yet to be confirmed by the developer.”