KNUTSFORD Town Council is warning of the dangers posed by town centre traffic barriers constantly falling over in strong winds and as winter approaches.

The barriers were installed by Cheshire East Council to help people socially distance.

However concerns have been expressed at their impact on attracting shoppers, and the town council has put forward to Cheshire East planters as an alternative to the barriers.

Cllr Andrew told the town council’s events committee on Monday that the barriers issue was causing ‘incredible frustration’, and was moving ‘at a snail’s pace’.

Cllr Mike Houghton said: “We are doing our utmost as a town council to get this issue of barriers resolved.

“We appreciate it’s [the barriers] completely unfit for purpose at the moment, so we are doing all we can with Cheshire East to try and get that resolved.

“We will not rest until it is, but unfortunately there are other priorities higher up the food chain at the moment.”

A report to the committee said: “The town centre and marketing officer has stressed how dangerous the barriers are becoming as we move closer to winter.

“High winds caused the barriers to fall numerous times over the weekend of October 31 and November 1, and they are often falling even in more clement weather.

“Cheshire East Council is sourcing ‘Toblerones’ [triangular barriers] as a temporary alternative to barriers, and do not see a return to ‘normal’, of no barriers or rumble strips, as a viable option in the current second lockdown or immediate future.

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“From the discussions held, the town centre and marketing officer does not feel Cheshire East will ultimately approve planters due to logistical reasons, and that once ‘Toblerones’ are in place they will likely remain.”

Planters have won the support of The Eye Society if a reflective red or bright strip is placed on the rim.