A HGV driver has been jailed after he was stopped on the M6 and found to be four times over the drink drive limit.

Leszek Marian Nawrot, 63, from Poland, was seen swerving over all lanes of the motorway and had to be boxed in by other vehicles to stop him travelling any further.

The frightening incident happened on November 8, and when he was breathalysed, Nawrot blew a reading of 139 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, the legal limit being 35mg/100ml.

Appearing at Warrington Magistrates Court on November 10, the bench decided to commit the HGV driver to serve 16 weeks in prison because the offence was so serious.

In explaining their reason for imposing the sentence, Magistrates said it was due to the very high reading and the risk taken by others in stopping him travelling any further.

Nawrot was also banned from driving for a period of three years and must pay a victim surcharge of £128.