BARE Necessities Toiletry Bank is set to receive support from Wilmslow Town Council.

The group was founded by two Wilmslow women in 2018 to collect and distribute toiletries in the community to help alleviate hygiene poverty.

The town council's finance committee agreed to recommend the full council approve a grant application from the group. Cllr Hannan Sarwar, with the support of fellow Conservatives, recommended the application for approval.

Council chairman Cllr Martin Watkins said: “The town council has always strived to support campaigns to benefit the community of Wilmslow. No-one should need to choose between feeding or cleaning themselves. In the last financial year the town council has spent £61,798 on grants and donations.

“In the summer,Wilmslow Conservatives assisted in a campaign, led by Tatton Conservatives, providing 200 care packages of cosmetics and toiletries for women in refuges.

"We are working on a similar project in the run-up to Christmas, a time which can be extremely difficult for those in unstable circumstances and with the impacts of Covid-19 continuing, such projects are even more needed.”