RESIDENTS across Cheshire could soon be banned from travelling to Wales under plans being drawn up across the border.

Under new regulations being prepared by Welsh Ministers, people living in areas with a high-prevalence of coronavirus in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland would not be able to travel to Wales for the time being.

Cheshire was placed into tier two by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Monday, meaning both East and West boroughs have a ‘high alert level’ for coronavirus.

The Welsh Government says the move would help prevent the virus moving from such high-prevalence areas to lower-prevalence communities.

First Minister Mark Drakeford said: “Evidence from public health professionals suggests coronavirus is moving from east to west across the UK and across Wales.

“As a general rule, it is concentrating in urban areas and then spreading to more sparsely populated areas as a result of people travelling.

“Much of Wales is now subject to local restriction measures because levels of the virus have risen and people living in those areas are not able to travel beyond their county boundary without a reasonable excuse.

“This is designed to prevent the spread of infection within Wales and to other areas of the UK.

“We are preparing to take this action to prevent people who live in areas where there are higher Covid infection rates across the UK from travelling to Wales and bringing the virus with them. I am determined to keep Wales safe.”

The Welsh Government is now finalising its approach to the travel restrictions, and if approved they would come into force at 6pm on Friday, October 16.