CANCER survivor Jonty Page says he has been ‘humbled’ by the flood of gifts and best wishes he has received as he looks forward to returning to his market stall.

Jonty is a well-known and much-loved member of the traders at Knutsford Market Hall, and has been overwhelmed with get well messages and cards from the community since undergoing cancer treatment.

Jonty, 60, is rebuilding his strength after undergoing treatment for throat, tongue and lymph cancer, and is hoping to return to his business, Jonty’s Fruit and Veg, in December.

The treatment, which ended in March, saw him lose five stone in weight, and he has also just undergone surgery for a hernia.

Jonty is desperate to return to the market, where he calls in once a week to see everyone, and features in a new video encouraging people to support the market.

“The treatment I underwent is painless but brutal, and I lost five stone in weight,” he said.

“I was 17 stone when I started treatment, and dropped down to 12, but am back to 13 and a half now and am building myself up very slowly

“I was diagnosed with cancer in January, and started treatment at The Christie two weeks later.

“The treatment lasted for seven weeks, and the recovery period can take anything from six months to a year.

“I pop in once or twice a week to see my stall, my staff and my partner.

“The market is at its best at the moment – its lovely, but we need people to come.

“Even though Knutsford is a small market town a lot of visitors don’t know there’s a market there.

“I’m desperate to come back to the market; I miss the banter, I miss everything about it.”

He said the number of people who had called in to the market to offer him their best wishes had been ‘absolutely stunning’.

He said: “It brings a tear to your eye, and I would like to thank every one of them.

“I have received so many gifts and cards - it’s very humbling.”

Jonty put back his birthday celebrations this year until 2021 because of his treatment, but stressed that all he needed was ‘your health and happiness’.