A KNUTSFORD pensioner is enjoying his best vision for half a century after receiving long-awaited cataract surgery.

Antonio Domenico La'Sorte-Canni, 71, who is known by his friends as Anthony Domenic Beard, secured NHS treatment at a specialist eye hospital, Optegra Eye Hospital Manchester.

Anthony, who ran a wholesale chemist business for 20 years, said: “As I am type-2 diabetic I have annual screening of my eyes, and was told 18 months ago I had a cataract which would need surgery as my vision would get worse over time.

“I have waited for some time, but I know others have had to wait longer, and I really noticed my vision getting cloudier.

“Once I got my GP appointment in June I was amazed how quickly Optegra got in touch; I was in for a pre-assessment in no time and a week later I had my surgery.

“It was fantastic – the hospital is pristine, I was so impressed with everyone there and I cannot believe my vision. I can see clearly for miles, it is better than it has been for 50 years.

“I know when you get older your body starts packing in, but I cannot believe this – it is like watching everything on a HD television. I am so grateful this operation is available.”

Anthony is expecting to have his second eye treated next month, and is looking forward to getting back to the health club where he enjoys going to the gym, playing tennis and swimming.

He added: “Thanks to the cataract operation my life is getting back to normal and I can get physical exercise like I used to.”

Optegra is working closely with the NHS to provide sight-saving treatment, and is performing 27 per cent more NHS cataract procedures than this time last year.