A YEAR group at Knutsford Academy is self-isolating following a confirmed case of coronavirus.

The school received confirmation on Friday, September 18, that a year 11 student had tested positive for Covid-19.

Students in year 11 have been instructed to self-isolate until Tuesday, September 29, which is 14 days from the date the pupil with coronavirus was last in school on Tuesday, September 15.

Any siblings of year 11 students are not required to self-isolate and can attend school as normal, while teachers are also not required to self-isolate as all classrooms have a two-metre exclusion zone.

A post on Knutsford Academy's website said: "On receiving guidance from Public Health England we were instructed for year 11 to self isolate for a period of 14 days from when the student was last in school.

"More detailed information has been sent via email to all parents, we ask parents to check their email and read through this.

"For year 11 we have also provided further information on the remote learning that will now take place until the return to school."