BUS stop provision in Longridge has been slammed as ‘absolutely disgraceful’ by Over ward town councillor James McCulloch.

Cllr McCulloch said Cheshire East Council had laid asphalt at the bottom and top of Longridge 18 months ago, which residents understood was for bus stops.

Buses stopped at those locations, he said, but there was neither a shelter nor a bus stop at either location.

He also criticised the condition of a local bus stop, and urged Knutsford’s Cheshire East councillors to put pressure on Cheshire East highways to take action over the issues he raised.

Cllr McCulloch was speaking at Monday’s meeting via Zoom of Knutsford Town Council.

He said: “One of the things that daily annoys and frustrates me that local residents have to put with, particularly those who are not able to walk that far, drive cars or cycle, is the condition of bus stops in the area.

“18 months ago a lot of work took place suddenly on Longridge. Cheshire East laid two areas of asphalt at the bottom and top ends of Longridge, which people understand are bus stops.

“Yes, buses stop there, but there is neither shelter nor is there a bus stop there.

“So when I see young and old and disabled persons standing there in the cold and the rain waiting for a bus, and Cheshire East have not put bus stops there to protect the people who are waiting, and the condition of the bus stop at the junction of Higher Downs and Longridge, it is absolutely disgraceful.”

Cllr Stewart Gardiner, who is also on Cheshire East Council, said: “We as a group of three councillors for Knutsford, together with the councillors for the three adjoining rural parishes, meet on a twice yearly basis with officers from Cheshire East highways, where we are able to put forward proposals for spending money, which includes traffic calming.

“We have about £45,000 to spend in a year period, and between us will allocate priorities along those lines.

“I anticipate some of the work we might have identified to be undertaken in the current spend period may not have taken place because of Covid-related issues.

“If that work cannot be undertaken within the 12-month period and cannot be planned it might be we will be looking for some last-minute projects.”