EAST Cheshire NHS Trust has completed its first total hip replacement day case.

Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Keith Barnes reached a milestone for the trust by successfully completing the hospital’s first ever total hip replacement day case.

The patient was operated on at 9am and was ready to go home at 2pm.

A Trust spokesman said: “This was a fantastic achievement for the highly-motivated patient and for all the team involved in his care.

“Macclesfield hospital’s orthopaedic ward has recently undergone changes to enable elective orthopaedic joint replacement patients be nursed separately from trauma patients.

“This elective pathway provides the lowest risk of contracting Covid-19 or other infections, and is in line with Government and British Orthopaedic Association guidelines.

Selena King, Senior Sister on orthopaedic ward 10 said: “Since our first day of operating on the newly configured ward, 50 per cent of patients have been discharged at 48 hours post-operatively, and up until last week 50 per cent have been discharged within 48 hours.

“The orthopaedic rapid recovery team has been in place now for several years, and has managed to significantly reduce the length of stay for joint replacement patients with a multi-disciplinary approach and commitment from the patient.

“But a total hip replacement as a day case is testament to how well the service works despite the restrictions placed on the team by the pandemic.”