HOME Grown in Holmes Chapel is encouraging villagers to enjoy the fruits of the group's labour as it celebrates a decade of growing free-to-pick fruit and vegetables in the village.

All the plots used by the group around the village were empty stretches of grass or pavement, or ‘flower’ beds full of rocks, bushes and weeds before they were adopted to grow fruit and veg.

Sue Mitchell from the group said: “We hope to inspire everyone to grow their own fruit and veg too by showing how much can be grown on a small plot of land, as well as how much we can achieve when we work together.”

She said there were numerous benefits to growing your own fruit and veg, including physical and mental health, the pleasure of seeing something you planted grow, being active, the taste of the food you grow, and reducing the food miles your food travels, so reducing CO2 emissions.

She added: “When we are not in the middle of a global pandemic we look after our veg beds as a team, meeting for a ‘dig’ once a month on a Saturday morning, for a couple of hours, to weed, sow, plant, and harvest.

“Some of our volunteers have been growing their own fruit and veg for many years, while others are novices; either way, all are welcome and no experience is necessary.”

Volunteers are not expected to attend every ‘dig’ and meeting, but anyone is welcome, whenever they can make it.

Sue said: “We believe our fruit and veg growing also helps to grow our community and improve the appearance of our village.

“So please get involved with Home Grown in Holmes Chapel by picking, eating and enjoying our fruit and veg, or by coming along to one of our meetings or digs and joining our team, once we are able to meet as a group again.”

You can find out more via the Home Grown in Holmes Chapel Facebook page, or visit hghc.weebly.com