TOURISM Minister Nigel Huddleston visited Tatton as part of the Government’s summer safe campaign to highlight what the UK has to offer as more people choose to holiday at home.

Joined by Tatton MP Esther McVey, Mr Huddleston toured the constituency, taking in Tatton Park, Arley Hall and the Anderton Boat lift, to promote the Enjoy Summer Safely campaign.

He said: “We know what beauty there is across the country, and we really see it showcased to the best here in Tatton. I want people to understand they can come to places like this.

“I have been to stately homes and beautiful gardens, and have seen an amazing piece of our industrial heritage at the Anderton Boat Lift. It is fantastic to see you can do a day trip or spend several days here and do so many things.

“What I have also seen is people behaving themselves, social distancing appropriately, the organisations, the businesses, the stately homes. Everyone is taking their responsibilities seriously. The public are also doing what we are asking them to do so it makes everyone feel safe so we can enjoy ourselves at these beautiful places.”

Knutsford Guardian:

The visitors at Arley Hall

More people are holidaying in the UK due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the Enjoy Summer Safely campaign encourages people to support the hospitality sector as it reopens.

Ms McVey said: “It was great for Nigel to see what amazing attractions and beautiful countryside we are lucky enough to have on our doorstep.

“What I have seen in recent weeks since visiting businesses that have reopened is everyone working together to ensure people are safe but can get back to as normal as possible.

“We have so much to see and do across the area, and I am seeing so many families from near and far out and about enjoying the sunshine and having fun, getting exercise, taking in the sights and enjoying their summer.

Knutsford Guardian:

The visitors at Arley Hall

“At the same time people are supporting our local businesses, which is what we need as we begin our recovery from Covid-19.”