IT’S been an incredible few months for Wilmslow schoolgirl Ebony Errington Beech whose way with words has led to her appearing on the Kelly Clarkson Show.

Published poet Ebony was interviewed for the show after the American Idol star heard about the 10-year-old’s poetic tribute to Captain Sir Thomas Moore.

Her poem, Happy 100th Birthday Captain Tom Moore, was printed in the national Poems for a Pandemic anthology earlier this year and caught the eyes and ears of the show’s producers.

Ebony, from Rainow Way, said: “I was so nervous and when I get nervous I move my hands around a lot so I had to make sure I sat on them while she interviewed me.”

The Alderley Edge Community Primary School pupil was a guest alongside America’s first National Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman who had a life-changing surprise in store for the youngster.

Having told Ebony that she loved her poetry, the Los Angeles poet and activist offered to be her mentor.

She said: “I love your poetry, I love you. Your poetry is beautiful and everything that you have to say is great and if you are up for it, I would love to continue this relationship, I would love to mentor you and stay in touch and keep reading your poetry. And hopefully, one day when all of this (the pandemic) becomes a memory I would love it if we could meet together in person.”

Host Kelly Clarkson, whose show goes out to around two million viewers, then upped the ante by offering to get the wordsmiths together once the pandemic passes.

She said: “As soon as it’s safe to travel we’re flying you and your mom, or ‘mum’, whichever, here to LA for a poetry jam with Amanda.”

Bryony’s mum, Vanessa, said: “She couldn’t believe it. She was so excited; she just couldn’t stop crying for about 40 minutes.”

Ebony added: “I just couldn’t believe it. I kept crying and crying, I looked like I had cried for about 10 years.”

By the time Ebony gets to travel to Los Angeles, she will very likely have another book under her belt as she’s currently putting together a collection of poetry for a book to be published by Double Rainbow Publishing.

Vanessa added: “She just blows me away. Recently her class was tasked by her school to write a poem around the theme ‘tiger’. She went away for a couple of hours and wrote something in the style of William Blake. It was just so good – I honestly don’t know where it comes from, it’s so natural to her.”

Ebony, who hopes to one study psychology at university, said she wants to use her poetry to help people.

She said: “I want to help people to feel better and to encourage them to be anything they want to be.”

To find out more about Ebony’s poetic progress visit her Facebook page Ebony Boo Poet or follow ebonyboopoet on Instagram.