PRIMARY schoolchildren are being promised a fun return to their school when it reopens in September.

The promise comes from staff at Holmes Chapel Primary School, who have written to pupils to explain the changes the children will see and the safety measures being put in place.

The letter said: “The Prime Minister has said it is safe for schools to open back up, and we are really looking forward to having everyone back in school so we can all see each other and lessons can start again.

“Over the last few months we have been getting school ready so it is as safe as it can be.

“You may be worried about returning to school, and I want to assure you that your teacher will be working with you and all your friends to make your return to school fun.

“We have planned lots of fun activities and games where you will get time to play and catch up with your friends.”

Headteacher Fiona Gresty said: “Following guidelines published by the government we are now working on a plan for the reopening of our school in line with the advice given.

“All the staff are eager to make this work, and are very much looking forward to welcoming back the children in every year group.”

Children in Year groups 1 to 6 will start school on September 3. There will be a staggered start and end time to the school day and playtimes and lunchtimes will also be staggered.

For new reception children arrangements are different for the first and second week back in school.

Children will attend in year group ‘bubbles’, and each bubble of pupils will have their own classrooms, teachers and teaching assistants.

Desks and seats will be separated where possible and pupils will each have their own equipment as much as possible, provided by school.

Break and lunchtimes will be staggered so bubbles are not mixing together.

Children will eat packed lunches in their classroom or outside if the weather is fine, and will be encouraged to sit separately.

Hand sanitiser is available for pupils and staff use at all entrance and exit points, and staff will maintain distance from pupils and other staff as much as possible.

Frequent hand washing and sanitising of surfaces will take place, and each classroom will be sanitised where possible during the school day and at the end of every day.

Doors will be propped open, windows opened and rooms well ventilated.

The school will aim to do as much outdoor learning as possible, and outdoor equipment such as climbing frames will not be accessible because of the difficulty of sharing surfaces and of cleaning.

Children are being encouraged to walk or cycle to school to avoid contact whilst parking.