PHYSICAL contact between students will be discouraged when Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School reopens on Monday, September 7.

In addition students will be required to maintain a two-metre ‘no go area’ around all staff members.

The rules are just some of a series of measures which are to be introduced at the school for the new term.

The changes are aimed at reducing the risks of transmitting coronavirus in a school where there are 1,500 students and adults aged 11 to 60 on a normal day.

Headteacher Denis Oliver said these were ‘unprecedented times’, not just for schools, and the school had tried hard to balance the educational needs of students, staff safety and the need to mitigate the potential risks of Covid-19 in developing the school’s reopening plan.

He said: “It is important that we constantly review the arrangements we have put in place as we all start to plot the route back to the new normal.

“The current low level of Covid-19 in the community has enabled the Government to relax the general measures that have restricted the movement and interaction of people in the community.

“These measures are set to continue changing over the summer and into autumn, so we will review our plans every two weeks, taking account of the latest guidance and advice.

“The safety of everyone in our school community is our priority.”

When the school reopens the wearing of face coverings will be compulsory for students and staff inside the buildings.

They will not be needed during outdoor activities, including break and lunch times.

The school has agreed with its uniform suppliers to produce a face covering in navy blue with the school initials on.

Staff and students will be expected to sanitise their hands before entering any classroom, office or eating area.

Students must keep their distance from each other, personal contact will be discouraged, and students must maintain a two-metre distance from staff members.

In corridors everyone will walk in single file and stay to the left.

In preparation for the return to school the keyboards and mice on 700 computer stations have been replaced with new ones.

They will be cleaned with disinfectant wipes after every use, and classrooms will be thoroughly cleaned using industry-standard detergents and cleaning products every day.