THE speed limit in London Road in Alderley Edge could be reduced to 20 miles an hour in response to residents’ concerns about the speeds of high-performance cars.

The issue was discussed this month at a meeting attended by Cheshire East highways, Cheshire East Council anti-social behaviour team, Cheshire Police and Alderley Edge Parish Council. Following the meeting a feasibility report has been produced, which recommends a 20mph speed limit on London Road.

Cllr Craig Browne said the report followed a traffic assessment he asked to be undertaken in 2019, following concerns from residents about high-performance cars and the manner some were being driven.

Automatic traffic counters were positioned at three points on London Road, each for a week, with the results showing 85th percentile speeds of 25mph outside the former RBS and 23mph at the pelican crossing near the junction with Stevens Street, but 34mph by the de Trafford Arms.

A total of 37 per cent of vehicles were exceeding 30mph at this location.

He said: “The report recommends a 20mph zone should be implemented using signage to both sides of London Road, in addition to painted carriageway treatments to further highlight the start and exit points of the 20mph zone.

“The diversity of road users through the village, such as cyclists, emergency vehicles and buses, complicates the installation of physical speed control measures.

“Speed humps or carriageway narrowing measures were not considered practical options; however, the report does recommend consideration should be given to the introduction of other physical infrastructure such as speed cushions.”

The report proposes the limits of the 20mph zone should be from the junction with Ryleys Lane to the junction with Macclesfield Road.

Cllr Browne added: “At the all-agency meeting there was broad support for the proposals, but with a modification that the zone should be extended at each end of the village to include Alderley Edge School for Girls and the junction with Beechfield Road (Congleton Road).

“A Stage 2 report will now be produced showing detailed design options, which will then be subject to a round of public consultation. This next stage in the process is estimated to take between three and six months.

“I would like to thank all the agencies for supporting me to make progress with this issue; in the meantime Cheshire Police will continue to monitor driver behaviour in the area.”