CONTROVERSIAL plans for a building containing four apartments have been withdrawn with a view to looking again at the scheme.

Goughs Lane resident Paul Henty sparked opposition from numerous residents with his plans for land in Legh Road, Knutsford.

Residents were up in arms over the size of the proposed building as shown on illustrations submitted to Cheshire East Council.

The building was earmarked for land in the Legh Road Conservation Area, and the plans sparked dozens of letters from residents for and against the plans, with more than three to one opposing the development because of its size and impact on the Conservation Area.

The application was also opposed by Knutsford Town Council because it was not in keeping with the conservation area, because of its size, overlooking impact on neighbouring properties and concern about cars being parked on the road.

Mr Henty apologised last month to his neighbours for allowing them to be misled by artist’s impressions of the proposed building which were not to scale.

He told the Guardian at the time: “I agree with the neighbours who objected. In the artist’s impression it does look too big. For allowing my neighbours to be misled by these pictures I apologise.

“New aerial photographs are being taken and new computer–generated pictures will be sent to the Guardian; this time they will be to scale.”

However he told the Guardian today (Thursday) that the application to Cheshire East had been withdrawn.

He said: “The original CGIs made it look much bigger than it actually was, resulting in a huge amount of correspondence for and against. The new draft CGIs corrected the size illusion, as illusion it definitely was.

“However, after viewing the newly-drafted CGIs I continued to agree with some of the more rational objectors that it still looked ‘commercial’, especially the entrance, and I also thought better landscaping needed to be addressed.

“I am still committed to an iconic building, but we’re not there yet. I am also committed to down-sizers apartments.

“I am particularly concerned that not a single Knutsford town councillor has contacted me despite several invitations by email and in the Guardian, which were made prior to their meeting on June 8, and their subsequent ‘unanimous recommendations’ to Cheshire East planners.

“If they continue to organise meetings at which only one point of view is represented they will always enjoy a unanimous conclusion, but it’s hardly democracy.”

Town clerk Adam Keppel-Green said: “The town council planning committee meetings are open to all, and whether one wishes to support or object to an application, we provide time at these meetings for comments to be raised in advance the application being discussed.

“Likewise any applicant, or their agent, is welcome to attend to outline the benefits of their scheme.

“The town council has no record of having received any correspondence from Mr Henty prior to the committee meeting on June 8.

“The council is happy to meet with developers to discuss significant proposals in advance of their submission to Cheshire East Council, where we will provide guidance on applying the Neighbourhood Plan.

“We would welcome Mr Henty arranging such a meeting with us to present a revised scheme, which we hope addresses the concerns the council raised in its objection and those of the neighbours to the site.”