WILMSLOW Albion FC secretary Geoff Thornton has slammed the ‘mindless’ drivers who churned up the club’s newly-seeded pitch by doing ‘donuts’ on the grass.

The damage was caused by two cars in only a few minutes on Thursday evening, and the club is asking the public to contact the police if they saw anything.

The cars gained access to the Styal Road pitch through a gap in fencing, which had been created by the club to allow work to take place on relaying and extending its car park.

The reseeding of the pitch has been taking place since lockdown was introduced as part of improvements to the club.

“It’s absolutely mindless what they have done,” said club secretary Geoff Thornton.

Knutsford Guardian:

“They managed to get in because we are having a new car park laid, and they had to take out a panel of fences so the big wagons could get in.

“It happened about 9pm, and we found out because a man who was on the next field saw through the gap in the hedge what was going on.

“He went round to see the registration plates of the cars, and they took off.

“We have been down every week cutting the pitch and putting in seed, and they have taken out a lot of the new seed. We are in for quite a wet spell so it might help it to recover.

“The guy who was doing the work came up to see what had happened, then brought a skip from home and put it across the entrance to stop them coming back.

“We think they would have come back when it had gone dark.

“It has put us back because we are hoping to start pre-season training in July, and have been working on the pitch since the end of March, when we had to stop playing.

“It could have been a lot worse if the ground had been any softer. The number of times they were going round they would have absolutely wrecked the pitch.”

If anyone has information on the damage please contact police on 101, quoting incident number IML 739457.