POLICE said they were happy to report there were no raves in the Knutsford area over the weekend.

Police vans were driving round the area at the weekend in response to information officers had received that an illegal rave was being planned.

Prior to the weekend Knutsford Police issued a plea to the public on Facebook, saying they had information to suggest a rave would be taking place in the area.

They said extra patrols would be deployed to the area, and appealed to the public to help keep them informed on the whereabouts of the rave.

The plea to the public and the patrols came in the wake of numerous illegal raves in Cheshire and Greater Manchester area in recent weeks.

Two raves around Manchester involving thousands of people resulted in the drug overdose death of a 20-year-old man, alleged rape of an 18-year-old woman and three stabbings.

Knutsford Police tweeted this week: “You many have seen a couple of police vans driving around the Knutsford area over the weekend.

“This was nothing to worry about, and was in response to the information we received regarding the potential raves. Happy to report there were no incidents of this type.”