KNUTSFORD resident Debbie Jamison is calling for better road signs in the town centre to make it look more attractive and to avoid giving out mixed messages. 

The town centre boasts a host of signs installed by Cheshire East Council aimed at making it easier for shoppers to maintain social distancing, and Debbie's comments follow a visit she made to the town centre yesterday afternoon.

She said: "Since the removal of on-street car parking and the first installation of signs and bollards to give more space to pedestrians trying to social distance and shop, I have made extensive comments via Twitter, and there have been small improvements.

"However, the fact remains from my visit to town on Saturday afternoon (yesterday) there is still much to do. In fact I feel that Bottom Street King Street is an accident waiting to happen.

"Walkers think the road is closed, but it isn't because of the mixed message 'Road Closed' but 'Access Only' signs.

"Six cars followed me along King Street when I cycled through. Two cars were parked on double yellows. Five of the cars drove straight through.

"Exiting and entering through the slope on Old Market Place is dangerous. Signs should say road closed except access to King Street car park.

"Access to parking for businesses and residents should be via Moorside, at least between 9am and 5pm.

"There is clearly much more work to do, around the words on the signs, the types of barrier and making it all more attractive, to not give the present eyesore impression that we are a town in the grip of a plague and under roadworks.

"There are two key things we need to address; better signage saying no through road and direction to the car parks on King Street and at the back of Waitrose and on Silk Mill Street and Tatton Street, and the closure of the rat-run lower part of Church Hill to vehicles.

"However, a lot of car drivers need to take a look at themselves and question why they feel they need access when it is clear they do not, and need to reroute their journey up Adams Hill and along the A50.

"Cyclists also need to stop going the wrong way along the roads."

"To get us all working together it requires enforcement, so I want to know when is the Cheshire East enforcement team going to be patrolling town? Parking on double yellow lines is rife."