LITTER pickers have been thanked for helping keep Knutsford looking its best while out for a stroll.

The DIY litter-pick took place on June 21 and was organised by the Friends of the Heath group. Because of the coronavirus pandemic everyone was invited do a bit, on their own or with their household, at their preferred time over the weekend.

Kevin Griffiths from the group said: “The weekend’s DIY litter pick ran like magic.

“The bags gradually piled up at the collection point and were removed by ANSA, along with objects such as the remains of a plastic swing discovered in the sandpit.

Knutsford Guardian:

“On Saturday afternoon two of us went out and each collected a bag of discarded drinks bottles and cans, and food packets. We also found a truck tyre near Northwich Road. It was too heavy to move, so we left it there. We’ll ask ANSA to collect it.

“Christine and Dave discovered a shopping basket and warned of soggy dog mess at the edges of the sandpit. Clive and Sarah came across the residue of a gathering in the middle of the grassland.”

They cleared up broken wine bottle glass, plastic beaker fragments, beer bottle tops and 40 half-smoked cigarettes.

Knutsford Guardian:

Kevin added: “David and his grandchildren picked up lots of beer bottle tops and nitrous oxide capsules in the sandpit area. More than a dozen people took part and we thank them all.

"Thanks also to ANSA for collecting the bags. On the whole the Heath was not as bad as has been reported from other places around the town.

“It’s just a shame a few irresponsible people are spoiling it for the majority of users.”

Pictures courtesy of Friends of the Heath