PULSE of Perfumery owner Peter Murray is promising his customers the same ‘magical’ experience they are accustomed to when the business reopens on June 15.

The layout of the Princess Street business has been changed in view of the coronavirus pandemic to ensure the safety of customers and staff.

Despite being apprehensive about the changes Peter has been delighted with the new look, which was created by his partner Melanie Seddon.

A bespoke screen has been created to sit on the central table, which has been turned to extend across the width of the shop, with access points in the screen for customers to receive products.

Outside and inside the shop will be signs indicating a maximum of two people are allowed in the shop at one time, and customers will be able to use a pump sanitiser placed by the door.

Customers will not be able to touch the products or testers, which will be behind screens, and any sampling or testing will be done by the staff.

“I have been longing to open, and people are so excited that we are opening - it’s fantastic,” said Peter.

“Melanie looked at how we can trade in a new way in the current climate.

“I am totally gobsmacked by the way she has put this together and the way it has turned out - the shop looks amazing.

“I was not comfortable with the whole idea, but am so happy. The new look is almost like a traditional old school perfumerie.

“The fact that we have this beautiful screen means everyone is protected, and we can have a lovely chat with our customers and can help them.

“Nobody can come into the shop further than the screen and the table, but customers will still be able to see the products and how gorgeous everything is.

“They will be able to see the team and talk to us without masks because of the screen, which has been made to ensure the safety of staff and the customers.

“I am one million per cent confident that the customers will be safe, and are going to have the same experience they’ve always had.

“I am really excited about opening, I love what Mel has done with the shop, and the magic will still be there.”