VILLAGERS have won the support of Holmes Chapel Parish Council in opposing controversial plans for a restaurant/café and office building.

Mark Cooke is seeking planning approval from Cheshire East Council to create the building on land next to 5 Macclesfield Road.

The land consists of an old public toilet block and undeveloped residential amenity space.

Comments on the scheme, reference 20/1943, can be submitted on the Cheshire East planning portal, until June 18.

Dozens of residents voiced concerns about the impact of the plans on businesses in the village, the lack of parking and the site’s nearness to a double roundabout.

Holmes Chapel Parish Council has joined the growing opposition to the application, objecting to the scheme on numerous grounds.

The council had major concerns over the safety of accessing and exiting the site, saying this presented a significant danger to pedestrians and vehicles.

The council said: “The proposed access leads directly onto a busy mini roundabout which is a major junction into the village and includes the A50 and A535.

“The parish council also has grave concerns over numerous and potentially large delivery vehicles accessing the premises.

“The proposed temporary parking on the junction A50/A535 of these vehicles, on yellow lines, will cause significant traffic issues and be major hazard for pedestrians.

“The provision of parking and turning of a vehicle in the proposed road access is wholly inadequate and although the proposed plan shows only one vehicle, there is clearly room for two, one of which would need to either reverse into the space or reverse out.

“This would be very dangerous as this leads directly onto the roundabout and would be a misuse of the turntable parking arrangements.

“There is also no provision for office and café staff parking and where customers/contractors can safely park.”

The council also had concerns about how light pollution, noise pollution, odours from the kitchen and smoking area would impact on neighbouring properties.

It said: “Should Cheshire East Council be minded to approve this application, despite the clear objections of this parish council, there is great concern about a potential future change of use application to a residential dwelling, which the parish council would strongly object to.

“Therefore, we request that a condition to prevent any future change of use to a residential dwelling should be included in any grant of planning permission.

“The parish council fully supports the views of residents who object to this application, many of whom are neighbours to this proposed development.”