RESTORED buildings in Handforth could be used for a farming or RAF museum, says Handforth Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

The Engine of the North is seeking consent from Cheshire East Council to carry out stabilisation and repair work to a grade 2 listed farmhouse and outbuildings at Dairy House Farm, Dairyhouse Lane.

Dairy House Farm is also the subject of a live hybrid planning application as part of a development including 1,500 houses and a mixed-use village centre.

The steering group was pleased that it was intended to restore the original farmhouse, but also an interesting collection of farm buildings, including a former barn and milking parlour, shippon and animal pens.

The group said: “It is evident that a significant sum of money will be required to complete the restoration works.

“To recoup some of the costs it will very likely be necessary to sell most of the restored buildings or put them to income-generating commercial use.”

The Handforth Neighbourhood Plan has suggested one or two of the buildings, together with some surrounding pasture and possibly the duck pond, could become a farming museum.

The group added: “A small collection of farm animals - chickens, ducks, pigs and sheep - would make such a museum attractive to, and educational for, children.

“It should also be remembered there was an era when Dairyhouse Farm was surrounded by elements of the RAF maintenance depot 61MU, including its internal railway.

“An alternative suggestion, therefore, is that one of the buildings could become a museum dedicated to RAF 61MU.

“Many residents of Handforth and the area have memories and photographs of RAF 61MU. It may also be that residents possess hardware relics from the site they may wish to see displayed.

“The hybrid planning application for the Garden Village at Handforth so far contains little consideration for public art or local history.”

The steering group is suggesting funding for a museum on the Dairyhouse Farm site could be secured from Section 106 obligations from the Garden Village development.