CHESHIRE County Cricket League chairman David Humpage has provided an update regarding recreational cricket in Cheshire.

This impacts on the potential and the look of adult competition for players at Toft Cricket Club, Alderley Edge Cricket Club, Mobberley Cricket Club and Lindow Cricket Club in the weeks and months ahead.

"The ECB has announced that there will be no cricket this season until at least August 1," he said.

"It is not certain that even then recreational cricket will be given the green light, however the league has been giving a deal of thought as to what we might be able to do if play can take place.

"It is our view that to maximise the cricket available that we should concentrate on the 20/20 format and try to ensure that players have as much opportunity to play competitively as possible.

"Ideally this will involve all teams playing two meaningful matches on each day, up to and including some form of finals day scenario.

"We feel that the competitions should be regionalised as much as possible, as data from a recent umpire’s survey and potential track and trace requirements suggest that travel should be minimised.

"We are looking to stage cricket for first and second Xl teams on Saturdays, leaving the Sundays free for women’s cricket and third Xls.

"The league will not organise any fixture outside the period from August 1 to mid-September.

"Beyond that date not only are some grounds unavailable through alternative sports, but the groundsmen will need to undertake their end-of-season treatment to ensure that the grounds are in top condition for 2021. Clubs will be free to arrange friendly games later in the year if they wish.

"It is likely that there will be a number of players reluctant to take part in any event, and with this in mind we would ask any club that thinks that it will not be able to field a second Xl on a Saturday, or indeed thinks that its ground will not be ready for play, to notify Ray Hunt."